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Monday, August 17, 2009

Reflections on 30 Years - Part 4

As I say farewell to my 20s tonight, not that they stop being a part of me, I've been thinking about the differences and changes that I face compared to 10 years ago when I was going from a teen aged 19 year old into my 20s.

Back then, we were still a few months before the new millennium, and all the potential horrors that could have brought - thanks techno guys for all the work you did, so that no computers were harmed in any way at all...did you get paid for that work....cause you did! lol...

At 20 I was in Kent, living at home. At 30 I'm living in St Petersburg, Russia.
At 20 I was still single. At 30 I'm married for nearly 8 years.
At 20 I didn't know first hand about fatherhood. At 30 I've already had nearly 4 years of wonderful training.
At 20 I was working in Stock broking in the city. At 30 I'm a language student, forming part of a church plant team here in the city.
At 20 I had little leadership opportunities, in a large church, but I had huge ambitions. At 30, within the small church plant, I'm being me, ambition is gone and the future can be as big as God makes it.
At 20 my parents were still married. At 30 they are not.
At 20 my siblings were not married. At 30 they are.
At 20 I lived at home. At 30 I own a home, which is Let out, and rent in the city here.
At 20 I knew no Russian. At 30 I'm getting better.
At 20 I played lots of sports. Sadly, at 30, it's not so much.
At 20, my boyhood team Chelsea were outsiders but every ones second team. At 30, well, you know.
At 20 I think I knew a lot. At 30 I realise I didn't.
At 20 the future was bright. At 30 its just so, if not more so.
At 20 God had just spoken to me about Russia. At 30 I've lived here for a year already.
At 20 I was yet to move to Manchester. At 30 I'd lived there 8 years.
- On that note, its clear I gave my 20s to Manchester, as God had directed, getting there as a 21 year old and leaving as a nearly 29 year old. Are my 30s for Russia?

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