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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Luck, good fortune, or God's exact plan for you?

Recently a friend of mine was asked - "Is it God's anointing on you or are you just in the right place at the right time?"

It made me think at why it was asked? This friend is seeing God do a lot through him.

I think it was asked in good faith, with no ill intent, but for me it comes over as rather un-encouraging of ones personal calling and more based on luck - 'it could have been anyone - you were just the one there at the moment God started to do things'.

But is that actually true?

Lets take your favourite sports match (team sports here, sorry!) If you've watched it a while, like I have with football, you would have seen many times the following scenarios. The team attacks, get to a great position with great movement, and then either the goal is a very easy tap in across the line, or a player (not the star striker) misses a great chance. In the first scenario, it's often said "Anyone could have scored that goal!" and in the second scenario there is usually some comment about another player on the same team, that had THEY had that chance they would have done better.

Now this is how I see it - in the scenario with the miss, even with the goal, it didn't start at the end, the final kick. The player had run and got themselves into position. If a player then missed and it's said his team mate would have scored, the truth is that same team-mate was on the pitch as well, seeing the same build up in play, and yet WASN'T in the place where the goal could be scored - the other player was. They'd all had the same input, they'd all seen the same things, one reacted to get themselves into position, the other didn't. The same is very clear with the goal - the tap in that 'anyone' could have scored. The brilliance of the player reading the game, getting themselves into such a position, avoiding their markers which usually are very physical - all this is forgotten - it's as if the player really was just in the right place at the right time.

I think you get the point.

Situations happening in our lives, with people reacting, getting involved and conversations taking place, don't just start the moment we get there.....there is all the leading of God to get you there that we forget.

So when things just seem to happen, like with my friend in another country, his moving, learning language, spending hours in relationships, investing his life into others, growing his children in another culture. That didn't just happen. It's not that when something incredible happens now it could possible be down to luck. God worked years ago to bring about all that was happening.

Right place at the right time? No chance! God's plan is far bigger than we could ever imagine. And that goes for you too!

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