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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Ten Biggest Influences in my life: 4 - Andy Davies

I first came across Andy at Stoneleigh 1999 - and if you've read any of the other entries today, you'll have understood that that particular week had quite an impact on my life.

Two years before Gerald Coates (No 9 on the list) had brought a prophetic word about my distant future. It had left me amazed but kind of waiting it out, looking forward to the many years time when things would 'happen'.

Andy was involved in Revive that year - working with Matthew Hosier (No 8 on the list). The encounter two years previously had clearly left a huge impact on me, so that during this week I went to the seminar that Andy was doing on the prophetic. Little was I to understand that our lives were about to be a lot more intertwined.

Not long into the ministry/open floor time at the end of Andy's seminar, he came darting over to me and said "You had a prophecy over you a couple of years ago, didn't you" - erm "Yes". It was about your future, wasn't it" - erm, "YES!" He then went onto state that while that was great and exciting, God didn't want me to wait for things to happen but get on with them now, stepping out in gifts now. Wow! The second major word of knowledge over my life. A few minutes after this I remember bringing my first prophetic word, over a girl about to move to Holland. As I started to bring it, she started crying, saying it was bringing comfort to her as she was nervous about the move.

That was the starting point of me stepping out in spiritual gifts. It was exciting and continues to surprise me every single time. I love the way God shares things! I want to keep moving in these more and more, for God's glory.

By the following Stoneleigh, I had already made one visit up to Manchester, staying with Andy for one night in Oldham as they were yet to move down to Stockport. This was in preparation to me doing the year team in Stockport from September 2000. At the Stoneleigh just before that team, Andy (OK, knowing me a little but still not fully) brought another word over me, one that now is really starting to become a reality.

You see, following the events of the year before, I went away and tried to teach myself Russian at home - and didn't do very well with it. The thought of living out my days in one nation, in Russia, didn't seem to get on with me. What Andy therefore brought in 2000 had another big impact - he simply said he saw many flags under my feet - it was nations, not only one nation! NATIONS!

At the start of this year I was reflecting on the things I know God has called me to - they come down to three things - Salvation, Russia and the nations.

The nations are really opening up (you'll have to watch this space on this one...) Andy's word, and confidence to bring that over me, was the catalyst for this knowledge I have as to what God has confirmed to me.

Moving to Stockport in Sept 2000 was a big move but was amazing to get to work with such a guy as Andy Davies. And to be around people like Colin Baron (No 5 on the list) was also a great learning experience. I am a better man for having made that move - it was also God's plan for me, so that helped!

My earliest memory of that year, and summed up the year for me really, was when Andy said we were going to be launching a daytime home group 'together' for a number of elderly people in the church. Great I thought. I planned it and the Wednesday came. Andy couldn't make the first one, so I went and did it on my own. The next week he was also unavailable....I don't think I bothered to check with him by the third week, I'd got it....I was to lead it on my own.....Doing the year team with Andy, in Stockport, meant I got to do loads of stuff. It was a great learning experience.

When Andy married me & Rachel in the September 2001 I had not quite known him a year, but already there was this amazing connection. I still remember fondly Andy telling me he used to pray for me as his son. That meant the world. And for that, I honour you.

When he moved to Cardiff it was personally a very hard move. We wondered if we were to be in Cardiff too, but the connection was more relational than geographical.

Andy is one of those people that if you spend 5 minutes with, suddenly everything is possible! I love talking with Andy!!

What makes me laugh was his 3 year plans.....I must have been on one of his various three year plans for about the 6 years we were together in Stockport for....but that too is great!

Andy is full of energy. There is never a situation he doesn't give himself too, and yet has a wonderful family with five children. His energy is amazing!

I was deeply moved when Andy said that during his recovery from a serious illness he'd had a few years back as a result of a car crash he'd had some years before, he'd written a list of people he'd like to work with - and had written my name. I don't know how that list looks today, but he's on my list as well. And with what is about to happen over the next few years, with the nations opening up, I couldn't think of anyone better than Andy to get involved in things. So I guess I'll just have to see what happens from our conversations in the future.

But Andy, I write this to honour you and not to embarrass you. You are a great role model and the guys in Cardiff, in Wales, in the UK are blessed to have you with them, as well as those nations you already work into.

You are a great guy (maybe not the best written communicator in the world but you make up for that a thousand times when we meet face to face, which ultimately, is the best form of communication anyway!!) May God bless you richly and your wonderful family my friend.

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