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Thursday, March 15, 2012

BNG - 10 - Two weeks in

For those of you that have been following this Breaking New Ground series, where I have been writing (nearly) everyday about our initial thoughts, encounters and experiences of moving to Tallinn, I wanted to do this because I really felt for the first month it'll be important and hopefully interesting. That's not to say after the month I won't update, but I wanted some record of this initial period that uses our mistakes, struggles and challenges of moving to a new country, so that maybe others can draw encouragement when facing similar issues.
I'm now typing again on our main laptop, working correctly having been picked up yesterday. That means I'll get some photo's on here soon, and maybe the odd video - you never know! And about half an hour ago I got an email saying that (I think anyway) my ID card is ready! So that's great news. We'll wait to hear about Rachel's too before going in and picking them up.
Rachel felt stirred this morning about God as Holy - alone, I was then singing the song Holy, Holy. And then to the same tune of the chorus, these slightly adjusted words just came out;

Life Up Your Voice, and sing to Tallinn
Lift Up His Word, in this City
Come Lord Jesus and Show Your Power
For You Are Worthy to be Praised!

Taking Anya with me to go to the post office, this time I walked there and back, praying on the way that God would give his church this city. I got there in about 30 minutes (again, I love how you can cross this city in just half an hour!) and came back via the Old Town - with all the broken walls - and was reminded that He is the Repairer of Broken Walls!
Revival fires once burned bright in Tallinn - our prayers are that those fires will once again be lit here and will never go out!

Mia's home schooling is going really well. She's making great progress already which is great to see, and has finished her first week, as I am working again on Friday morning's now for my UK job so can't be with Anya.
Today we were finally able to send the contract to the Stockport estate agents appointing them to sell our house - please pray that God does a miracle in this - not only are we looking for a quick sale, in these next 3 months, but a decent price will make a huge difference for us in relation to getting a car this summer (which is a huge prayer!) and getting essential furniture for our new flat this summer.
And while I was catching up on all these little jobs, like emailing the agents, Rachel took the girls to the Russian market just up the road from us. It sounds a great experience, and great for Russian language practice and contacts. They came back with a few items, and mention of some of the places there. We'll go explore again together soon!
Last night Rachel went to dinner with Shani - this lady is really struggling with the adjustment to life in Tallinn, and is just in need of friends, and time. She is also asking for Russian lessons from us (Rachel will teach her, and I will probably teach Leo). So this is a little unexpected!
We heard today that our furniture will not arrive this week - we presume next week therefore, but with my mum arriving on Saturday, it makes it a little interesting for us - but we have a solution (in case you are reading this mum)!
And finally a Team update, as I said I would do yesterday. We heard from the Russian girl from Hope Church, a few days back and she said how God is confirming more and more in her heart about Tallinn, so that is exciting. She'll come visit in April and will look for work then. So please pray ahead of her arrival.
We've met with an Estonian lady and talked with her about whether she feels she might want to be involved - it is very early days, and after all, we've not got much to actually get involved with yet, but we'll get to know her more and there are several events this summer that will see us all involved in together as well.
Wider, there are a couple of women praying things through and looking at options to get here. Please pray for open doors for them if it's right that they are to be with us - those God does call to Tallinn - we want nothing to stop them coming!
It would be great to also pray that at least one other family feel God calling them to join us - as well as our kids having people their age, I'd also appreciate some male company!
So we've now been here for two weeks - the locals say the weather is not that good, but we've had 14 blue sky days out of 15, which isn't bad in my books.
I'm meeting with a local Pastor tomorrow afternoon, so am looking forward to that.
In my next entry (which might not be tomorrow night) I'll add some photo's in from our first week. Thanks for reading.
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