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Monday, March 5, 2012

BNG - 3

It's now Monday 5th March and tonight is our 5th night here. Our 4th night was a very disturbed night, especially for Rachel and Mia. Mia was quite sick throughout the night so neither got much sleep! The challenges of moving and adjusting I guess still catching up with us all.
Today we have internet! It's only a small thing, but we've felt quite cut off from people without it.
Yesterday, as well as celebrating Anya's second birthday, we went to church at EVK, which is River of Life church, led by Barry Mitchell. It was great to see them all again. We look forward to building relationships there.
Today, with Mia at home recovering, I was out and about doing some practical stuff, that led, in turn, to another divine appointment.
Loona, the worship leader from EVK, had kindly arranged to help me out and met me at a shopping centre where we would get another Sim card for Rachel's phone. This one need opened up a load more things that followed - as the number couldn't yet be registered in my name because I didn't have the Estonian ID card yet, she went to show me where to go for that (via a computer shop as our laptop broke down the other day and needs some repairs). As the Estonian migration office, she found out that first we need to be registered to our address - and that was done somewhere else. So off we went there next. Forms we collected, questions asked. Though we need to go back and do all these things for real now, it was a great help having this Estonian lady showing me all these places to go! Praise God!
As we were leaving that last place, she 'bumped' into a man she knew (American) named John, who was at a property next to where we'd just been. He said how he was just about to open a 'club' here and it was nearly ready, and did we want to have a look. We went inside. The club would actually be a youth club and this man was a Christian - part of the Vineyard church here in Tallinn. Loona left to go back to work and I got talking with John, who was waiting for a South African friend to arrive, who went to his church and worked for YMAM. John told me how he'd lived in St Petersburg for 15 years, worked with (maybe even helped found?) a ministry called Street Cry, which I'd heard of already, and had three years before heard God about moving to Tallinn and starting a similar work there. The youth club is, I guess, part of the outworking of that. John knew a lot about New Frontiers, and was very positive about what we stood for - even telling his friend, when he arrived, how highly he thought of us!
So another two people met - just 'bumping' into them on the street after walking around from place to place and ending up being right at the same spot at the same moment when they were just arriving. Interesting...
Tomorrow we will venture out again as a family - we'll look to start getting us registered to this address, which will enable us to start the residency application, which was of course the reason for moving here early. And who we might meet along the way tomorrow, well, we'll just have to wait and see.


Mark Berthelemy said...

Hi Tim,

Great to hear you're settling in OK.


Sue Barrow said...

So thrilled to hear sbout your 'coincidental encounters' Tim. Love to you all and hope Mia is better very soon x