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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BNG - 8

This week has seen a change (albeit slight) to life in Tallinn, as home schooling for Mia has started in the mornings, and I'm focusing a little more on setting up students to teach English to - but for the mornings am entertaining Anya, which opens up its own kinds of contacts....
Monday morning - it's 9:15am and I am in the park with Anya. New week. New contacts. It seems the play ground is a gold mine of contacts - the only slight issue being that as most of them are women, I don't want it to seem something it isn't! There were several ladies there with their children, two or three were also there again today, and Anya is a great intro into this world!
The lady, Natalie, that I got speaking to for over an hour actually asked me a question first. She was a Russian speaking Estonian, though also knows Estonian and English - her son Lukka was a little bit younger than Anya. I ended by giving her my English teaching Business Card and then said I'd give her Rachel's mobile number so they could speak directly - she took her number, so we'll see. No doubt I'll bump into her again there at some point anyway.
This morning there were a few Estonian mums I recognised from yesterday and Anya was being friendly to their children - so we'll see how these go. Being local and regular, it's not like we have to force anything, but let God open up the conversations as he does - all we ever have to do is be prayerful, willing and to open our mouths when prompted!
Rachel spoke with Shani yesterday, the lady we met on our first night, and they are meeting up tomorrow night - I met with her partner on Saturday night.
Teaching wise, I approached three companies yesterday - one being Microsoft, who have their main office just down the road from us. I'd be surprised if I hear back from any of them. But I'll keep praying.
Today I needed to go to the customs office to complete a form (so that the removal firm can clear our items through the border) - it's these little bits that keep you on your toes when you move somewhere new. On this journey I had the owner of the removal firm with me and we were talking about why we are here. We seemed to get on well, so we'll see what our future contact brings. He also suggested some places I could approach for teaching. Skype being one of them.
And first thing this morning, before the park, I set out with Anya to find the main post office, as similar to Russia, we'd received a parcel notification that meant we needed to go and pick it up. Unlike Russia though, where the post office was a 10 minute walk around the corner, here it's the other side of town so we walked to the main bus station and got the number 40, which we'd got on Saturday as that takes us to our new apartment, and I got off and finally found the building. Unlike Russia, there was no queue, and it was a very quick process! And my opening line there, like many places, went like this - Do you speak English - No, (in Russian) - or Russian? Yes....praise God that we have Russian to use when needed, because time and time again, it's this language we need instead of English to be able to communicate easily.
I also had an email from the Scottish guy we met the other day, so it's good that he wants contact, and I spoke with another local Pastor today and will meet with him this Friday afternoon, and he's invited me to share a little at his church, so we'll discuss when best to do that.
And finally, it's been really encouraging to see (from the stats on this blog) how many people, from all around the world, are reading this and following our early days with us. It shows us that we are not alone and brings comfort that you are praying with us for this city. In just the 13 days of March so far, not even counting this entry, this month has had the highest viewings ever for the blog and we have a little way to go yet. Your comments have been really encouraging and for this and your encouragement we are really thankful.
Let's see what the rest of this month will bring....

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